What Others Are Saying About Our Work
Frank and Pamela Fallin – The Ridges
If you had told us this time last year that we would be in a new beautiful, inviting, accessible, and spacious home this time this year, we would have thought you were a brick shy of a load. But guess what, we are in our new home at The Ridges and are absolutely loving the house and the neighborhood. It is an exciting place to be and even a better place to live. We had never built a house from the ground up before. The closest we had come was remodeling our former home about three years ago. We thought we had a good experience then, but after having worked with AB Contracting and founder Allen Bell the last six months we now realize what a great building experience can be. We started out looking for a good builder and we ended up with a good friend. He and his staff have shown us so many kindnesses during our building process and even in helping coordinate repairs on our former home before it sold. Allen and his staff have been a wealth of advice and knowledge about the building process. AB Contracting has made a believer out of my wife, who had thought before this building experience that building a house could be a nightmare. She thoroughly enjoyed the building phase and really liked how easy Allen and his staff made it to make decisions about lighting, plumbing fixtures, flooring, electrical, HVAC, molding, and let's not forget the kitchen! We never realized that the process could be that easy and fun. Not only does Allen have excellent staff and sub-contractors, but he also has hand picked vendor representatives that work with each customer in a very personal and dedicated way. Pamela and I are convinced this is one of the reasons why AB Contracting has been so successful over the years in building quality homes. We cannot conclude our thanks without acknowledging the comprehensive supervision that Todd Reitmire provided our home building project. Todd was there day in and day out and was in constant communication with us. We also would like to thank Megan Sigman for her putting up with our "world record" number of addendums to the original building agreement. She was an excellent communicator and was very pleasant to work with. We would like also to thank Dwana Starcher for her help with our decorating decisions and excellent communication concerning our home. We also are so thankful to each sub-contractor that Allen assigned to our home. We did not have an issue with any of them, which is a rarity in the day and age in which we live. We liked each crew so much that we provided lunch for each of them during the course of the building process.
Ron and Diane Lemon – Custom Experience
My husband and I both love the outdoors, lots of light and quiet surroundings. For years, we said when we retired we envisioned a home that would incorporate everything we love. Something casual but elegant. We had a lot of ideas and finally came up with a design, a little quirky, but it was perfect for us. Now the hard part, finding a builder that could envision the same dream we had. After talking to many contractors, we selected Allen Bell. Allen didn't just look at our plans and say he could build it, he asked us what we were looking for, came up with some great ideas, walked our land. That's when we knew he was the one to build our home. The whole building experience was great. No matter how many times I called the office, and trust me I called a lot, Debbie was a joy to work with. She either had an answer for me or got back to me the next day. Debbie kept me informed of what was going on every step of the way. The crews that Allen brings in are exceptional. Easy to work with, professional, and do a quality job. Our site boss, Josh, was extraordinary. Not only did he keep everything on schedule, do a lot of work himself, but he always had time to talk to us no matter how busy or what time it was. After coming in on schedule, the result was the home we've always dreamed of, in a picture perfect setting. Thank you Allen and to all that work with AB Contracting. Not only was it a great working relationship we feel we've made some new friends.
Scott and Lesley Smith – Quality & Customer Service

I wanted to write you a letter to thank you for the service and quality construction provided by your company on the construction of our home.

This house is Lesley and mine's seventh home and the fourth one we have had built. I was very skeptical when you gave us a completion/closing date two months prior to construction, but you did not miss the date by even one day. The entire process was very smooth. Your staff was very professional and courteous. I wanted to write you a thank you letter when we moved in almost three months ago but I was very busy and just didn't get around to it. Then I decided I would wait until I needed to call to see what type of response we received. The reputation of the majority of builders, including some of our own experience, is that they become very scarce after closing. On the occasions I have needed to call your office for questions or service repairs we have not only had a response within twenty four hours, but normally the issue is completely resolved by the next day! This has been incredible service and we are very impressed. This after the sell Service has elevated our opinion of AB Construction. I would highly recommend your company to anyone considering any type of construction. I look forward to working with you on our next project, although Lesley says she loves this house and I'm not moving her anymore!!
Rob and Rhonda Huggart – High-Level Commitment
We would like to take a few minutes to express our appreciation and share the experience of building our home with you. I have always been told that if your marriage can survive building a home, it can survive anything. To say the least we were a little apprehensive about building but our experience was truly awesome. Looking back, I can not tell you how much fun it really was, I think we must have visited the home site 6 out of every 7 days during construction. We spent every night walking around the lot, then through the framing, and so on. I think we got to know most of the different sub crews on a first name basis. They couldn't believe that we were there every night! You should have seen us walking around with flashlights trying to see the hardwood. It was a riot! The kids were so excited. Every night they would ask if we could move in this weekend. Building a home is a Life-Accomplishment that we are very proud of. We attribute this great experience to Allen Bell, and everyone that works for A. B. Contracting. Allen is a true pro that knows how to treat people. From the first time you drove to Charleston to show us the home-plan, we knew that we wanted A. B. Contracting to build our home. The quality of work is superb, and the commitment to back it up is unmatched by any other builder. The customer service that A. B. Contracting provided to us could truly be the model for most global corporations. The biggest problem that most companies have is doing what they say they will do, when they say they will do it. Simply put, keeping the promises/commitments that are made. We would especially like to thank Debbie for delivering exceptional Customer Service to us each and every day of our construction, and beyond, She consistently kept us informed and answered every question that we had. We were very impressed by the follow through, and thoroughness for every concern or question that we had. Employees like this are truly irreplaceable....... ...We are very thankful that we chose Allen Bell, and everyone at A. B. Contracting to help make our dreams come true!
Mary Kay Harrison – Enjoyable & Positive
The day after moving into our new home, we called AB Contracting to say how pleased we were with our new home. Three years later, we are just as positive about our home and about your company. So positive, in fact, that we have recommended AB Contracting to family and friends. Not only do we love our new home, we actually enjoyed "building" it. It was apparent from the beginning that your company takes pride in pleasing its customers. The competent and friendly staff provided the help... and reassurance...we needed during every step of the process. Our calls were always returned, our questions answered and concerns promptly addressed. Finding the right contractor can make building a home an exciting, positive experience for the buyer. AB Contracting was certainly right for us. AB Contracting built many of our neighbors' homes. Like us, they too praise your company's fairness and honesty. Without exception, whatever you promise, you deliver. We placed our confidence in AB Contracting and were never disappointed.
Bill and Pam Raney – Making It Easy
“We have always heard horror stories from people who built a home. The two main complaints were the length of time it takes to build, and the completed house costing a lot more than originally expected. We never thought that we wanted to go through the headache of building, even though we had always dreamed of having a new home. Then we met Allen Bell. We knew instantly that Allen was not the typical builder. We trusted him and knew that his handshake was genuine. Everyone we worked with, from day one, was wonderful. We were definitely newbies to building, but we were walked and talked through each and every step. We breezed through the entire process. The two main complaints everyone seems to have about building never happened. Our friends still can’t believe that our home was built in 2 ½ months. There were no surprises in costs, either. We are thrilled with our dream home and we still pinch ourselves every day. We are so proud to show it to our friends and to tell everyone how easy and painless the building process was, from beginning to end. We have and will continue to pass the word about AB Contracting and all the fabulous people employed by Allen Bell. We are blessed that we met Allen and that we now own a beautiful home. Thank you to everyone involved. It has been our pleasure being involved with each and every one of you.”