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Ab Contracting - Custom WV Homes, Rentals, WV Modular Homes

For owner and founder, Allen Bell, building homes isn’t just a job…it’s a way of life!  Beginning at an early age, Allen would accompany his father to work at local construction sites.  As he watched and learned the trade from his father, a skilled carpenter, Allen’s love of building grew into something larger than a summer project.  Age 14 not only marked the official start of his construction career, but also the beginning of a lifelong endeavor to provide quality home building in West Virginia.

Since AB Contracting was founded in 1989, the company has grown beyond Allen Bell’s expectations; but not his vision.  That vision continues to develop as he reaches goals and creates new ones to enrich and benefit the building community throughout the state of West Virginia.

AB Contracting currently has 32 staff employees and approximately 200 full-time contractors who assisted the company in completing over 85 projects in 2012.  The company proudly incorporates green initiatives, strives to maximize energy efficiency in all homes constructed; and passionately serves the communities in which they build!

AB Contracting continues to be successful by relying on the life lessons Allen Bell learned from his father: integrity, customer service, and hard work.  AB Contracting not only emphasizes timeliness and follow-through with every project; but they promptly address issues and focus on the ultimate happiness of the customer through quality home building in West Virginia.